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Donations from families, like yours, are the main contributor of funds for the PTA.  Without those funds, all the extra programs and services that every kid participates in would begin to disappear.

Every dollar raised for the Eisenhower PTA supports a variety of programs at Eisenhower, including:

-Art Classes

-Recess 101


-Teacher Support and Supplies

-Special Events & Programs

-and more!


Company Match

If you work for a company that has a matching gift program and you make a donation to the PTA, your employer will donate to the PTA according to a pre-determined match ratio, usually 1:1.  Many people do not know that their employers have such programs - check with yours today and find out whether a matching gift program exists.  This could double the amount of your donation!

Suggested donation amount is $375 per student enrolled and $200 for each additional. 

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